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How To Write A Cold Email So Good It Gets Mark Cubans' Attention

One cold email can change your life, career, or business.

Only if they open it and respond.

Your cold email needs to get the recipients’ attention, spark their curiosity, and induce action for that to happen.

And this framework makes that possible.

It’s called the AIDA framework.

It stands for:

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

And here’s how my friend Nik Sharma used it to get Mark Cuban to join his best friend on his podcast:

Here’s the breakdown:

Attention: Nik used social proof (1.5M downloads) in the subject line to get Mark Cuban’s initial attention.

Interest: Nik generated interest by introducing the large audience Mark Cuban would get exposed to.

Desire: Nik makes the ask and personalizes it.

Action: Nik crafts the email for a quick reply and links to past episodes.

Putting It All Together

Here’s a quick rundown for your next cold email:

  • Personalize the email
  • Add social proof
  • Make it easy to reply
  • Make it short

And don’t forget to make the benefit clear for the recipient.

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