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16 Tips To Write Copy Like Apple

Spend two minutes on any Apple product page and you'll end up mesmerized by their copywriting skills.

It's an art they've mastered.

And these tips will help you do the same in less than 3 minutes.

1. Don’t Sell Multiple Ideas

Each Apple headline focuses on one idea.

And draws all attention and awareness to it.

The more ideas you try to sell, the more a consumer doesn’t know what’s important.

2. Write For Scanners

Apple follows two rules to write for scanners:

  • Big headlines to showcase one idea
  • Use the inverted pyramid for paragraphs (biggest benefit to smallest)

3. Make It Short To Make It Simple

Apple makes their copy effortless to read.

They use short paragraphs.

Short sentences.

And simple words.

Which makes it easier to read.

And easier to understand.

4. Present Features As Solutions

Sleep tracking is a feature.

They present it as a solution to a problem.

Trying to build a consistent sleep schedule?

Or hit your sleep goals?

The Apple Watch helps.

5. Use Analogies To Fuel The Imagination

Analogies help connect something complicated with something known while fueling the imagination.

6. Address Objections

7. Compare To Upsell

8. Use Words That Hold Power

Power words like “You” and “Your” make your copy feel like they’re talking directly to the consumer.

Making it feel like a one of one conversation.

9. Say More With Less

One headline.

Two ideas.

Three words familiar to the consumer.

10. Repeat To Make Concrete

Repeat to emphasize what’s important.

And why it’s important.

11. Use Contrast

Contrast to complement.

12. Alliterate to Resonate

The easier it is to read, the easier it is to memorize.

13. Write The Sound Bite

Write what can easily be quoted.

And hard to forget.

14. Don’t Deny Your Personality

The best way to stand out is to be what you can’t replicate — yourself.

Show it.

15. Break Patterns To Break Boredom

One word sentences that tell you what, while holding weight.

“The most basic way to get someone’s attention is this: Break a pattern.” – Chip and Dan Heath

16. Rhyme

Consumers prefer what’s easier to process.

This fluidity makes an idea memorable.

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