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Jones Road Beauty’s Playbook For An Effective SMS Strategy

Jones Road Beauty's SMS Playbook

SMS marketing genius Joanne from Jones Road Beauty shared her creative strategies and testing results on Twitter.

In this case study, we’ll break down three of her SMS tactics for you to test out right away to make your SMS perform better.

1. Don’t Be A Faceless Number

SMS is not email.

It’s where people look out for messages from family and have intimate conversations with friends.

To blend in, be personal - instead of being a faceless number from a brand.

Joanne showed up in JRB subscriber’s inbox with a photo of herself, saying hello & sharing her favorite product from JRB, just like a friend would.

A face equals familiarity. Familiarity equals trust. Trust converts customers.

2. Segment, Segment, and More Segmenting

Segmentation is not for the sake of segmentation.

Segmenting is used to deliver the right messages to the right people to sell them the right products.

Joanne tested sending to a segment who’ve shown interest in lip products (interest) and have purchased (intent) but haven’t purchased their lip tint (objection).

Then she called out the potential objection - the exact topic this group would want to learn more about.

The result? 11.5% CTR and 5% conversion. It's not rocket science.

3. Keep it Native

Actual humans communicate in plain-text SMS.

For visual brands, it’s always tempting to include images in the messaging. But there’s a time and place for that.

Joanne tested out image + shorter description vs. no image + longer description. And…no image won with higher CTR and repeat purchase rate.

The lesson here? Tested plain text SMS and let your killer landing page do the rest of the work.

Putting It All Together

  • Don’t be faceless. Add a personality behind the number.
  • Segment to send relevant messages to the right people in need of the right product
  • Keep SMS native like you’d text your friend because that’s what you're TRYING to do
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